Thursday, April 2, 2009

mE gEt in tO bLoG bEb!!!!!

HyEee....all iM nEw in hErE..jUst waNt tO teLL abOut mE heRe..mY naMe
MoHd aZwaN aKmaR b mD kaMaR...
19 yEarS oLd
bOrD 19 maRcH 90
aT sErEmBan HoSpiTal
sTay aT maLaYsiA..iM prouNd be ' aNaK maLaYsIa' yaHoO..hahaha
buY tHe waYs iM sTiLL sTuDenT..buT not In higH scHoOl okaY...
iM in coLleGe cOmunItI jEmPoL.,.taKe sIjIL auToMotIf
riGHt noW im iN sEm tWo...juSt aFew mOnTh tO fiInIsh thIs sEm beb...
toO aLL mY fRend i wiLL sEnd mY bLog mAil tO u aLL
jUsT tHis 4 riGht nOw DaAaA...

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