Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hye guy there..
im bacK!!!!!!!!!!!ringht herE..
sEe>>>>>>>>tHaT pic uP tHerE..tHerE aLL mY fRenD at mY KoLej....
tHaT 12tH hENsoMe gUy is HoUsemEEt beb..
sooo many peoplE aT Us hoUse..bY thE wAy i EnJoy haVe fREnD like tHeRe aLL
guYs u maKe mY seLf hApPy in ThaT koleJ
tHe mEmBerS in HouSe 38 Is
aLonG,bOb,aNaI2,aShEr,naBiL,maN bOtaK,kEcIk,FaiZ,aZFaR,cInO,KeDaH aND mE:moHd aZwAn aKmaR oR wAN
tO sory life in this house is so many story...
this house always has hapPy story N jOkes
hahaha...i jusT haPPy wiTh u aLL guys....
i h0pE wE aLL cOntInUe thIs freNdsHip 4 eVeR n EvEr dUde
oKay thats aLL wHat i waNT 2 story tOdaY..
k Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

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