Monday, April 6, 2009

DisTuRbInG DaY

Hye alL...

do ask mE wHo tHis gUrL

sHe is mY d waY right nOw sHe onLy mY eX guRL..

i jusT wAnT tO saY i love Her SO mUcH

mY bE FaTe dunt wAnT uS tOgEtHeR..

i miSS hEr sO mucH

ermm..riGhT now i juSt waNt hEr bAcK
but My sOuL dun wAnt heR..
tO mE hEr iS a guD guRL...buT sHe aLwaYs tEstinG mE
i dunt whAt tO do..
bcOz thiS thIng i dunT came cOraL speKinG tRaninG
mE so tEnsiOn i can ConSentriT..
wHat i waNt tO dO
tHat aLL bcOz oF heR..
aMaLinA im sTiLL love U..erm

1 comment:

reenajoe said...

this is not d end of ur life..move on n i'm always hope 4 d best 4 u k...the time will come when u're goin' 2 meet ur true soulmate...